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About the project

Since 2015, The Birth Poster and Limeloop have worked closely together with a shared goal: to transform into an exceptional web experience. Through dynamic collaboration, we have consistently strived to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies that can elevate the website to new heights.

Our expertise in the latest technologies has been a crucial factor in staying abreast of the customer's evolving thoughts and ideas. It is through this partnership with The Birth Poster that we can proudly proclaim ourselves as true WooCommerce experts today. Learn more about WooCommerce here.

A custom configurator

Create your unique baby birth poster at the customized configurator developed by Limeloop. Experience the magic of real-time customization as every change in length and weight is reflected instantly on your 1:1 poster. See it for yourself by clicking here.

Limeloop has assisted us in building a scalable and customized e-commerce platform that has now sold to over 120 countries.

Gustav Westman, Owner and founder
The Birth Poster

An overall solution

A multisite with language integrations for 10+ languages.
A customized payment solution based on the applicable currency and tax.
Advanced configurator with real-time changes.

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